Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I wait in anticipation for the annual sardine run. Since moving back from Cape Town it has been disappointing, with smallish runs on the south coast but none of the stories of legend. In fact I was beginning to think the the legend was just that. But this year has changed my attitude, and the little silver fish have made a huge showing.

I am still waiting for them to wash up on the Durban beach front so that I can see for myself the stories I have heard. For the sardine fever is not a thing of myth, I have been parked in enough times in the past weeks to realise this. I do want to see normally rational grandmothers running into the ocean and scooping sardines by the skirt full!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anxious On My Mind

I was in Port Elizabeth for the world cup quarter final match between Brazil and the Netherlands. The evening light had been so good that I thought it wise to check out the morning light. The sunrise was beautiful, and I made photographs.

I noticed a man under a viewing deck, he cut a rather lonely figure out there. I could see that he had spent the night out doors. I walked over and we greeted each other. It turns out he was a people watcher, and said to me, 'You love what you do?'. It was more a a statement than a question, and one that I am guilty of.

We spoke for some time on the beach. I learned that Anxious is a Zimbabwean looking for work. He was a soldier in Zimbabwe, where he has left his wife and child. Work is hard to find, not even the other Zimbabweans in town were too keen on helping him.

Being away from my family myself I knew some of what he was talking about. I suddenly felt a little guilty. I had only been away from home for a day and even though I had to share a room, I had a place to stay. (And a great room mate.)

But the penny really dropped when in answer to me asking what he does during the day replied, 'I like to walk up and down the beach, it keeps me from thinking too much.'

I wish there was more that I could do for Anxious. He never asked for money even though I have no doubt he needed some. So I put it out on this page, in the hope that someone knows someone who needs a good man who wants to work.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Another Sunset

I found myself in Port Elizabeth and went for a walk. It was windy. And beautiful. And I saw much of myself in the little guy in the big shoes.