Sunday, December 17, 2006

Getting to the point

I have about seven working days to go in Cape Town before I join my family in kwaZulu Natal where we are starting from scratch. I have been a little pensive lately as I am not moving to a job but will freelance in a place we have been away from for close on seven years. I am a little nervous to say the least.

It is at a time like this when inspiration in some form is needed, and mine came in the form of a little girl called Zintle Ndindwa who turns three years old today. During a dance workshop for which she was too small to be a part of, she showed the most incredible interest. She loved just being there! Thanks for reminding me that sometimes it is good enough just being there Zintle.

And so I look ahead to our relocation wondering what lessons there are to be learnt, and from which incredible teachers those lessons will come.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

On the road

A curious find from along our travels. A book shop window with Nelson Mandela's book sitting next to Magnus Malan's in Plettenberg Bay.

Thanks to Candy and Zane for the place to stay and great company.