Friday, December 28, 2007

The G String And The Stump

I had been wondering the beach looking for a picture. I think I had a few too many pre-conceived ideas, I had thought too hard about what I wanted. I blame a certain gallery owner who explained to me the difference between documentary and fine art.

So I had conceived of my picture before I had put foot on sand. I was also short of time and, to be honest, feeling like I should be on holiday. And just as I was washing the sand off the girls feet before heading to the car I saw the picture.

I am still trying to think like a fine artist. I think, however, that I enjoy the phrase 'found objects' and like to think that this is a found photograph, and that I may just work this method for a little while longer.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

A Soweto Derby (in Durban)

The FIFA Preliminary World Cup Draw was anything but exciting. I was glad to have been spared the pain of the draw as I was photographing the cricket just around the corner. The Soweto derby played between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates the night before at Kings Park Stadium on the other hand was great.

Apart from a great game of football the fans make the entire experience. I have covered many rugby matches including this years Super 14 final, and love the feel of game day in Durban. The Sharks fans and general mood make working on a Saturday evening tolerable. And the same can be said of the Chiefs and Pirates fans.

Although the mood is entirely different to the rugby crowd, it is just as compelling. The energy is completely frantic and the vuvuzelas are louder than one can imagine. Although there have been incidents of fan violence in the past this night the fans were on form.

If you have not been to a big game I can highly recommend the experience.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Beauty in Pain

I do not say this very much about a picture of my own, but I like this one. The child is on of 2 babies to have survived a klebsiella outbreak at the Prince Mshiyeni hospital in Umlazi near Durban. It was a difficult assignment emotionally knowing that 5 babies had already died.

And to look at the picture again while writing this makes me wonder about how I as a photographer I make beautiful a scene such as this. Many would say that I am gaining through someones illness. I hope that by making an image such as this that we will not have another outbreak.

As much as I do like the picture, as a parent it breaks my heart.